Micro CRT displays from camcorder viewfinders

Here's a little thing I found that I thought was worth sharing. After partially tearing down my old Sony Hi8 camcorder, I noticed that there were only four wires that led to the viewfinder, so getting curious about the tiny interface was just a matter of seconds.

Now, most old viewfinders have a common trait, as I found out - if the connector is small, it is probably composite video and power.
Figuring out the rest of the(presumed) interface was easy - just find a suitable capacitor, find its ground mark, trace it to the connector.
After that, I traced out the composite input by finding the datasheet for the controller, finding the input pin, and probing the connector. The leftover pin is the power input, and so connecting it all up, and plugging it into the said camcorder's output resulted in this:

The resolution is very high, most likely on the order of 300TVL, which is very surprising for the display size(approx. 1cm x 1cm).

Side note: Smallest CRT clock in the world? :P