Windows CE 5.0 Key Mapper

This is a tool I wrote to aid in the hacking of my FLIR T440bx camera, which runs Windows CE.
It allows you to map a device's physical input buttons to virtual keycodes which you can later use in an application's message loop.

The tool does not create any windows, instead it uses a global keyboard hook, which is created via two undocumented Windows API functions - SetWindowsHookExW and CallNextHookEx. This allows you to capture global input, instead of having to rely on Windows CE piping every keyboard input into a form.
It should be compatible with any ARMV4I device running Windows CE 5.0 and higher, but I assume no responsibility for anything that might happen when you run it.

  1. Place keymapper.exe into a directory that you are able to run applications from.
  2. Connect to device via telnet, a hardware serial port, or something that you can receive a command line on.
  3. Run "keymapper.exe" from the terminal window.
  4. Actuate the inputs, observe (and record) the virtual keycodes.
  5. Kill the process or reboot the device when done.

  • Version 1.0, Feb 10, 2018 - Initial release.