Welcome to my personal part of the internet.

My name is Andrey, although online I am often referred to as Spirit/Spirit532.
I'm an electronics engineering hobbyist, programmer, machinist, mechanical designer, and so many other things - I'm the walking definition of a geek.
I live in Belarus, and speak English & Russian fluently. I understand most Slavic and a few other languages(Polish, Czech, Serbian, Ukrainian, Belarussian, and Latvian).
This is a small website that depicts most of my projects, old & new.
I know C, C++, C#, x86 assembly, HTML, to a small degree of PHP & CSS, some VHDL, and can understand just about any programing language.
I can do digital electronics design & PCB layout in KiCAD. I am quite good with mechanical CAD, and i use Autodesk Inventor to design mechanical parts of my projects.
I am also an avid gamer, and I host serveral game servers, information about which you can find on the Servers page.

This page is very short because I'm bad at writing descriptions, so take a look at the projects section to see what i've been up to!